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News 13.06 2022 Our new AW22 Collection is here!

In our new Autumn Winter Collection, Autumn Feelings, you will feel the declaration of love for home. When the light is fading outside, this is where life is lived. With introspect and passion, our new AW collection is carried out to cater to the light, l... Lesen Sie den gesamten Beitrag

News 09.06 2022 Magical Christmas feeling

Get in the Christmas mood with our magical Christmas collection 2022, Lights of Joy. This year's Christmas collection presents a dreamy universe of lights and stars, as well as a wealth of beautiful Christmas baubles, ornaments, figurines, Christmas trees... Lesen Sie den gesamten Beitrag

News 13.06 2022 Loving ambience with Macon Pillar Candles

Not only are our Macon candles beautifully made, they are also of the best quality and tested continuously, to ensure the lowest possible emission of soot.They come in many shapes and sizes - some even with multiple wicks. You can mix and match between go... Lesen Sie den gesamten Beitrag

News 13.06 2022 Design darling - Elegant brass plants

One of our favourites from our Autumn/Winter collection 2022, Autumn Feelings, is our stunning brass plants. These large, never-seen-before beauties are a true showstopper in any room. With their amazing size, finish and the attention to detail, the brass... Lesen Sie den gesamten Beitrag

News 13.06 2022 Éternel wellness products - Everyday luxury

Designed to nurture body, mind and soul - beautiful products that are not just easy on the eyes, but also easy on the heart.Our products are designed and developed in Denmark, carefully selected for their positive qualities, documented effects, and amazin... Lesen Sie den gesamten Beitrag

News 13.06 2022 Furniture with soul and a taste of France

Great pieces of furniture can make an entire room. At Chic Antique you will find a wide and inspiring range of beautiful furniture with a unique, French vintage feel, combined with a rustic and nordic touch.Our inspiration comes from the South of France a... Lesen Sie den gesamten Beitrag

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