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News 19.07 2022 Relief series

We have seen the Relief series before, but there are new colors and new products in the Relief series.The delicious yellow, orange and turquoise colors come in beautiful dishes and bowls.The hallmark of the series is the uneven surface that comes from pre... Lesen Sie den gesamten Beitrag

News 19.07 2022 Farmors Jul - "Juleklokken"

Farmors Jul - "Juleklokken"Casa Jada will of course include Grandma's Christmas at Formland autumn 2022.And there is a little news - a Christmas bell.Who can not wish for this beautiful hand-crafted and hand-painted Christmas bell, which exudes Christmas ... Lesen Sie den gesamten Beitrag

Highlight 19.07 2022 Farmors Jul

Casa Jada's Christmas set is called Grandma's Christmas.It is named after the boys' grandmother, as Christmas at her and grandfather's home is always cozy and full of presence and good food.We are pampered, and we think the pampering will be found in Gran... Lesen Sie den gesamten Beitrag

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Højtider Farmors Jul - "Juleklokken"

Farmors Jul - "Juleklokken"During the sweet Christmas season, we gather in flocks,where we sing and enjoy this Christmas bell.Together with the ceramics factory in Spain, we have developed this beautiful Christmas bell in the red color of Christmas, and w... Lesen Sie den ganzen Fall

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